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When are your events?

Here is our weekly play schedule- check the events page for what the pop up events are each week!

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- Closed

Wednesday- Star Wars Unlimited Constructed Play

Thursday- Pokemon League

Friday- Special Event

Saturday - Special Event

Sunday- Disney Lorcana League Constructed

What products do you have?

Here is a list of stuff we have in stock reguarly!

1. Pokemon sealed product and singles

2. Disney Lorcana sealed product and singles

3. Star Wars Unlimited sealed product and singles

4. Flesh and Blood sealed product

5. Funko Pops

6. Squishmallows and other plush

7. Board games new and vintage

8. Kids toys

9. Sports Cards Sealed Product

10. Card supplies

Much More !

Do you accept trade in for cards and collectibles?

We accept trade ins for the TCG games we sell (Pokemon, lorcana, star wars, funko, etc)

Percentages vary on the item and condition. Feel free to message or come on in for trades!

Where are you moving when the mall closes?

We do not have an exact location picked out but we will announce when that is determined.

  • Family Friendly

    Meet the Hand Family!
    Tabitha, Ace, Isabella, Tyler, and Michael.
    They come to Disney Lorcana and Pokemon events at the store!

    Tabitha Hand- “Grape’s Games is really patient and inclusive to new players/families, as well as experienced players.”

    Little Mikey- “I just like coming every time and playing and having fun!”

  • Meet Nathan Lintzenich!

    Nathan comes to various Pokemon and trivia events at the store!

    Nathan says- “Great Pokemon events and trivia nights. Nice to see a small store grow and get a decent player base”

  • Meet brothers Chip and Tris!

    Chip and Tris come to Disney Lorcana, Trivia, and other events at the store!

    Chip says- “I like the atmosphere here. There is a reason I keep coming back. I love the Lorcana League and trivia nights especially.”

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About us- the Head Grapes!

Welcome to our store!
It’s “Grape” to have you! We are a local game store/hobby store in the St. Louis area!
We specialize in all things nerdy and collectible! We got Pokemon, Lorcana, Star Wars, Funko, Flesh and Blood, Card Supplies, Board Games, and more!
Come check out our nerdy finds and our local tournaments and events! Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions- Drop on by and get to know us!
As always, have a “Grape” Day!

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