Collection: Disney Lorcana TCG

  • Meet Maggie S!

    Maggie S with her developed brain started playing Lorcana after testing our demo starter decks during our free league! Now her family and friends come and play with her!

    Maggie says - “I like the the Disney Lorcana community and also the fun trivia events.”

  • Meet Brad H!

    Brad was introduced to Lorcana during set one by Grape’s Games after getting some starter decks from us! He has since because the most well known Lorcana player in the STL area being dubbed “The Mayor” of Lorcana!

    Brad says- “Grape’s Games is amazing and my favorite place to play in St. Louis! Kristen and Andy are so incredibly welcoming and provide a fun and inclusive environment for people of all ages to enjoy their favorite card game and hobbies.”

  • Meet Jimmy M!

    Jimmy has been playing Lorcana at Grape’s Games simce set 2! Since then he has brought his whole family in for various events and sales!

    Jimmy says- “Grape people- no “sour grapes””

“Boat Snack” oversees the competition!

Join us for our next Lorcana event! We host competitive nights every Wednesday at 6- $7 , pack per win. And we host a free casual league every Sunday at 2pm! Also keep an eye out for special Lorcana pop up events!