Collection: Pokemon TCG Sealed

  • Meet Rick T!

    Rick comes into the store for Pokemon themed events!
    He says: “I like playing in Pokémon tournaments here because its a fun environment and I like to win prize packs. And the owners are awesome.”

  • Meet Ryan H!

    Ryan likes to come in for Pokemon and Lorcana events!
    He says: “Since I started collecting last year I never really got involved in the community aspect of tcgs until I started shopping at Grape’s Games. I’ve really enjoyed meeting other collectors/players and getting their take on the game and upcoming sets.”

  • Meet Darryl Y!

    Darryl comes to Grape’s for various Pokemon events and is always ready for when a new set drops!
    He says: “What I like about Grape’s Games is the atmosphere and the owners. They make you feel welcome and theyvalso have a great selection of cards.”

  • Meet Maddox!

    Maddox uses Grape’s as an after highschool hang out spot and loves the community!
    He says: “You guys make me feel at home every time I come in so I keep coming back.”