Grape’s Games Disney Lorcana Set Championship

Grape’s Games Disney Lorcana Set Championship

April 27th was a very exciting day for Grape’s Games as we had the privilege of hosting an Into the Inklands Set Championship! During the event we gave out over $2000 worth of prizing including the coveted Stitch cards and playmats! 

We did the best of 2 format which made for some really close results in the top cut! 

We had a total of 31 players and a wide variety of deck combinations! 

-Ruby/Amethyst, no surprise was the number one played deck which has been dominating the meta during these events. 
-The next most played decks were also pretty standard with the combinations of Emerald/Amethyst, Ruby/Sapphire, Emerald/Steel. 
- A big surprise was the most played deck Ruby/Amethyst did not see ANY representation in the top cut (one deck got close at 9th!)
- Another fun mention was seeing an Amber/Steel in the top cut that was not the standard steelsong version. This deck was also the least expensive deck, valued at $34. 
- We also had one sapphire/steel represented that was dominating all tournament. 

Here are all the decks of the top 8 below: 

Pictured below our top 8 from left to right: Tabitha H, Ace H, Austin D, Ron T, Mitchell G, Jonathan K, Emily M, and Tyler R! 

We do want to extend a huge congratulations to our top 4! 

Pictured left to right: Ace H, Mitchell G, Ron T, Tyler R
Top 4 decks were: Emerald/Steel, Sapphire/Ruby, Sapphire/Steel, and Emerald/Amethyst! All four different paths to victory! 

Second Place was Ace H- who added another stitch playmat to his collection after winning a different stitch playmat at a previous sealed deck event! 

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our top finisher Ron T who is all smiles after his victory with his sapphire/steel deck! 

Also shout out to Kirsten S for getting to finally beat her husband Andy S 2-0! 

Little Mikey won in his own right at being the youngest player at 6 years old and also pulling an enchanted during the event! 

Make sure to join us on Sunday afternoons at 2pm- where best friends are made! None better than this power friendship of Mikey and the mayor of Lorcana himself Brad H! 

Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to hosting more of these in the future! 


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